Monday, April 19, 2010


At around 2AM a couple of days before Halloween I encountered these two lovely ladies who I'd never met before.  We got to talking and they were headed up to Chicago to see a band and had an extra ticket.  I had no interest in seeing the band, but a free ride to Chicago was too good of an offer to pass up.  They took me by my apartment to get some clothes.  We were on the road at around 3AM.  My friend Hunt had moved up here to go to art school so I gave him a call.  He thought we were just joking when I said I was on my way up to see him.

I awoke in the city of Chicago.  I was a little shocked that it actually wasn't just a dream and Hunt was even more surprised that I wasn't joking when I called him at 4AM saying we were on our way.  We made it to the hotel and got settled in.
We headed to the subway to go get some grub and check out Hunt's wicked bachelor pad.  We ate lunch in this amazing mexican diner for crazy cheap and then headed over to the crib.

That night we decided to head over to Hunt's friend by Wrigley Field.  We hopped on the subway and since it was Halloween weekend the subway was crowded with costumed kids.  

We came, we saw, we got a little wild. The shit snake can be a little mean sometimes, but we all had fun, but Hunt's mustache had the most fun.  The ladies and I somehow made it back to the hotel.  We got up a bit early and checked out and headed back to the lovely city of Birmingham.