Thursday, April 22, 2010

Financial Friday

A couple Fridays ago Mr. Duane and I had the idea to dress up in suits an infiltrate the yuppie bars around Birmingham.  We figured if we talked about the NASDAQ and the Dow Jones we'd be in.  So we got all gussied up and headed out to explore the world of big money.

We met some of our less fortunate friends a house party.  We weren't able to stay long though.  Duane and I were discussing the tender offer we were going to publish in the newspaper tomorrow to try and purchase the Haints Co-Op. 
The Maserati Granturismo Sport GT was in the shop for some performance tuning so we had to take the rental car.

We went to Parkside first and talked with some fine older women.  They were very interested in our long term plans to establish equity with our new business ventures.  Then we jetted off to Above and took the elevator to the roof.

  We hung out for a bit at Above.  Our plan wasn't really turning out the way we were hoping.  The market was beginning to crash.  Duane and I decided to cut our losses.  We had to go back to doing the dirty.  We headed to the Plaza to talk to some down to earth ladies, but Duane's got a lady so he doesn't partake in this business ritual.  Just like the good ol' days.

We caught a cab back to a friends house to discuss further business plans.  I'm thinking Western Wednesdays would be pretty fun for the next time.