Thursday, September 29, 2011

Real Life

So sometimes you have to do real shit that really sucks.  You gotta pay bills.  You gotta take care of your shit.  I'm about to move out of my shit hole apartment into a slightly less shitty apartment.  Sometimes I feel like I'll never leave, but its not so bad if you find the right people.  But then where am I going anyway?  I always wonder where the plane is going.  I wonder if I will ever go there.  I have to go there.  What if I never make it?  

Standard Issue

JT McFluffykins


Say yeah.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Non Stop

These guys are literally my teammates.  Ever since I was a naive 15 year old these dudes have been giving me a hard time.  T-Ray and SoneBone are the originals.  Shane has been working a permanent guest spot for the last 6 years, but Terry's thinking a bout making him full time.  I hear the benefits suck, but the flexibility is amazing.  Very European.  Lots of holidays.  These dudes are for real. Fore real fore real.  It pains me that they are not international superstars, but I kinda think they already are in some peoples minds.  Locals beware, get your tatty on playboyeee.

 Glam-Rock Groupies
 Umbrella Eyes
 Whats On 2nd
 Who's up first?
 Don't fear the wrapper...
 Best Friends
 Bathroom Break
Where are you Mickey Sharp?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I got this new camera.  My friend hooked me up with one of his old ones.  To me it is brand new.  It's pretty cool.  I want to learn how to take good photos, but I think I still have along way to go.  Maybe one day I'll figure it out.  I gotta get some books.  Do some self study.  Get motivated.  I had been really bummed when I smashed my last camera.  I think if I smash this one I'll just buy another one.  Its fun making people feel uncomfortable by sticking a camera in their face....usually its just one of my inanimate friends.  I found myself being very self conscious of people thinking I was the "artsy" jerk off that was trying to take photos of everything....Oh wait....I am.  Yes, No, Maybe So.  

The Lair

The Lady

Emerald Boomerang 


Monkey Love

Snap, Krackel, Rip the feathers out of a dead Blue Jay...

Muscles McGee + Forehead Kisses = Skaboosh

B & B

Brandon and Brandi are back.  Brandon is always workin' on choppies and Brandi is always saying strange stuff to make me feel awkward. Then Brandon will chime in and make me feel even more uncomfortable.  I always come back for more though.  I always will.  We just got back from the beach for D-Bow's wedding.  It was an epic event.  I didn't know Brandon was a collegiate wrestler until last Saturday, but he's a damn good one.  Brandon's hopefully gonna go pro soon, and I think I'd like to help.

Note the satchel....

ブラんヂクん。You may need to correct my Japanese...its been a while.

He is programmed to destroy...

Sunday, September 4, 2011


So this time Chauncey and I returned to NOLA with our friends T-Bird, Scamuel, and Jared.  T booked a sweet pad in the 9th Ward that was insanely nice.  We all had a great time, except for Friday night.  Chauncey apparently didn't get enough relaxin' time in.  We had shaved Ice, swam in the The Pontch, and rode our bikes around.  I lost my credit card.  Chauncey focused his bike and did the one thing in life he hates most...graffiti.  Jared got to live his dream of smoking weed with the Crust-ies.  Bachelor Parties and a long distance bike toss.  We always have fun here.

After drinking a gallon of Wet Wett and What the F**K we were ready for a photo shoot?!?! At 4AM. 
These things don't sink very often, but on occasion it happens.  

This is a grocery store over in Algeers across the river. We took the ferry over for lunch took and then took a stroll around town.  Bobby D. doesn't let anyone tell him what to do.  I wish I got to work his hours.

On the way home from the Pontchartrain we stopped and got some Snow Balls.  Condensed milk is the best.

Hobo Hideout

This is our friend Andrew.