Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Non Stop

These guys are literally my teammates.  Ever since I was a naive 15 year old these dudes have been giving me a hard time.  T-Ray and SoneBone are the originals.  Shane has been working a permanent guest spot for the last 6 years, but Terry's thinking a bout making him full time.  I hear the benefits suck, but the flexibility is amazing.  Very European.  Lots of holidays.  These dudes are for real. Fore real fore real.  It pains me that they are not international superstars, but I kinda think they already are in some peoples minds.  Locals beware, get your tatty on playboyeee.

 Glam-Rock Groupies
 Umbrella Eyes
 Whats On 2nd
 Who's up first?
 Don't fear the wrapper...
 Best Friends
 Bathroom Break
Where are you Mickey Sharp?