Sunday, September 4, 2011


So this time Chauncey and I returned to NOLA with our friends T-Bird, Scamuel, and Jared.  T booked a sweet pad in the 9th Ward that was insanely nice.  We all had a great time, except for Friday night.  Chauncey apparently didn't get enough relaxin' time in.  We had shaved Ice, swam in the The Pontch, and rode our bikes around.  I lost my credit card.  Chauncey focused his bike and did the one thing in life he hates most...graffiti.  Jared got to live his dream of smoking weed with the Crust-ies.  Bachelor Parties and a long distance bike toss.  We always have fun here.

After drinking a gallon of Wet Wett and What the F**K we were ready for a photo shoot?!?! At 4AM. 
These things don't sink very often, but on occasion it happens.  

This is a grocery store over in Algeers across the river. We took the ferry over for lunch took and then took a stroll around town.  Bobby D. doesn't let anyone tell him what to do.  I wish I got to work his hours.

On the way home from the Pontchartrain we stopped and got some Snow Balls.  Condensed milk is the best.

Hobo Hideout

This is our friend Andrew.