Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I got this new camera.  My friend hooked me up with one of his old ones.  To me it is brand new.  It's pretty cool.  I want to learn how to take good photos, but I think I still have along way to go.  Maybe one day I'll figure it out.  I gotta get some books.  Do some self study.  Get motivated.  I had been really bummed when I smashed my last camera.  I think if I smash this one I'll just buy another one.  Its fun making people feel uncomfortable by sticking a camera in their face....usually its just one of my inanimate friends.  I found myself being very self conscious of people thinking I was the "artsy" jerk off that was trying to take photos of everything....Oh wait....I am.  Yes, No, Maybe So.  

The Lair

The Lady

Emerald Boomerang 


Monkey Love

Snap, Krackel, Rip the feathers out of a dead Blue Jay...

Muscles McGee + Forehead Kisses = Skaboosh