Thursday, September 16, 2010

ARK:KC Pt. 2

The morning we left from Arkansas Taichi had a little spill.  He gashed up his knee and split his eyebrow, but because his Japanese blood doesn't allow him to feel pain he just kept on truckin'.  His gas tank was cracked but it was so big that it really didn't matter.  He literally proceeded to ride 500 miles with a laceration that most people would need stitches, but not Taichi.  We got some super glue and he pulled some samurai shit and was ready to go.  Some locals stopped to lend us a hand in repairing his bike.  It seems when you are on a motorcycle everyone automatically lives vicariously through you and goes out of their way to help.  This was not the first time a total stranger lent us a helping hand.

We made it Kansas and weathered quite a gnarly squall.  We stayed on Elk Lake in Kansas and awoke to swirling clouds and bikes blown over from the wind.  It poured pretty good for a few hours and some of us got a little closer to each other than we'd have normally been, but sometimes if you close your eyes it doesn't feel that weird....Taichi's bike was pretty hard to start, but after the storm we just couldn't figure out how to turn her over.  Brandon and Warren consulted the chopper gods and ultimately blamed the used of a capacitor for his kentucky fried electrics.  Brandon stayed behind with Taichi and we hit the road when the sun was already going down.
This is pretty much the whole fucking state of Kansas.  
Jeremiah tried to start a fight with one of the locals who was probably 9.  Then his older brother decided to step in.  He quickly developed a man crush on Jeremiah. They touched tips, and then he told us about all the pussy he was slaying at the time.  He also informed us that he and the infamous Jesse James were about to form their own chopper club and we weren't invited.
  Kansas was pretty boring. It was flat and straight, however the amount of bugs that we were eating was tremendous.  Warren was out slave driver and we were blasting 80 mph well into the wee hours of the morning to make up for a late start.  J-Body and Warren had a close encounter with the 4 Legged monstrosity know as a deer.  Body locked it up and came inches from death.  At that point it was about 2AM and we were all pretty over riding for the night.  We stopped for some vitals at the local gas station.
Terrence was working the graveyard shift and was the proud owner of a bitchin 19-kevinty-kevin Hunter Green Mustang.  He and Jeremiah exchanged bodily fluids (I don't thing Jeremiah was informed) after their delightful conversation.  Terence held us prisoner for about a half hour while he made 4 sandwiches. They weren't even that good.  We ended up posting up at a campground called Gunsmoke. We were stoked on the name, but not so much by the hundo price tag we discovered in the morning.  We were gonna try to bounce without paying, but little did we know we were stuck in a maxmium security road side tourist trap.  Warren fronted the cash and we headed for Colorado.