Monday, September 27, 2010

The American Motor Drome Co. : The Wall of Death

Chauncey and I had the pleasure to help some really cool dudes set up The Wall of Death.  The original thrill show.  Dromes have been around since the 20's.  These guys are keeping a tradition alive and its amazing to see how this stuff all comes together.   

The walls are made of 16 ft. lengths of Douglass Fir.  The wood doesn't have any knots on it.  This makes for a wicked smooth ride.  

The walls are lifted off the truck and into place.  Wally, Mikey, Jeremiah, Charlie, Chauncey, and Myself set this bad boy up in a matter of hours.  The other dudes did most of the work, but Chauncey and I were still sore as shit for days after.      

Jeremiah is part monkey.

Break time.

We set up the circus tent.  They've been doing all this the same way since the 20's.  Nothing too complicated, but it takes some manpower. 

Charlie paints all the signs.  They are wicked and it apparently keeps him out of trouble.

These are the whips.  Old Harley's and an Indian.  Its pretty amazing to watch these guys ride.  

Finished product. 

They don't make parts anymore for bikes this old.  People have to fabricate parts if something breaks or buy 2 or 3 and then mix and match the parts until you get it to run.  Sometimes people find old schematic drawings and fabricate the parts themselves from scratch.