Thursday, September 9, 2010

Super Trip: BHM:ARK Prt. 1

So the Super Trip was a 2 week cross country trek from Birmingham, AL to Long Beach, CA.  It was gnarly, bro-dacious, and totally tripped out.  Needless to say it was a hell of an adventure.  I met up with the boys in Birmingham and then it was go time.
I packed up my bag and filled it with magical slimy crocodile tongues and some other goodies.  I took 3 shirts and some shorts and brought a wicked leather jacket to up my hipster/biker cred.  The Birmingham Crew consisted of: Chauncey, Taichi, Brandon, Nick, Duane, J-Body, and myself.
John was up early to wish us off.  He stayed up late doing his homework so he was a little out of it this morning.  Chauncey and I packed up and met up with the rest of the team at Brandon's
We got there about 9, we then proceeded to talk about leaving for 30 minutes about how early it was and  how maybe we'll leave on time.  We left about 10:30, but at least we all made it out of the starting gate. 

Soon after departure we experienced some technical difficulties.  Chauncey likes to live on the edge and prefers to let his friends do the crucial welding jobs on his bike.  His rear fender decided to pull loose and cause a little problem.  Chauncey called his trip short after just 60 miles.  We all missed him and his pungent scent and beautiful smile.

We made it to arkansas that night.  450 miles or so.  That was the longest I had ever ridden on a motorcycle before.  My ass was sore and that was only day 1 of 14. 

  Memphis was a little sketchy.  Brandon was trying to phone home but he forgot to dial the 1 before the area code.

We met up with our friends Warren and Jeremiah from Wisconsin and Chicago.  We got to the camp and bought 90 beers for 10 people.  It was a bit too many for even the most ferocious of the beer drinkers.  J-Body brought a magically expanding backpack that seemed to keep expanding.

This is Warren.  He builds choppers.  He also uses his bike to make a lean to shelter.  He's pretty much a chopper wizard.  He is super rad and loves the smell of oranges and peppermints.  Warren actually was brought to tears during the Super Trip.  The road moved him sooooo deeply that he cried.  Moments like that made this trip great.  The Bromance was thick in the air.

This is Jeremiah.  He is rad.  He loves beating cheeks.  He has a small urethra so his loads go extra far.  He's got a wicked Jap bike.  His friends from Chi told him his bike didn't look cool enough to to ride with them.  So he said "Fuck You" and rode down with Warren.  Jeremiah is an amazing shit talker.  He could get sponsored for sure.  
The next leg of the trip was from Arkansas to the beloved state of Kansas.