Monday, September 27, 2010


As we came into the foothills of the Rockies things began to grow.  Everything was 10 times the size of anything I'd ever seen before.  The rocks the trees the river.  It was all giant.

This was the team.  We were missing Brandon because he stayed back with Taichi to get him on his way home.  Taichi actually ended up going on much more of an adventure than we did.  He was gone for almost a month and pretty much accidentally ended up in New York for a few weeks.  

The Rockies and The Bros

I had never seen anything like this.  The mountains were majestic.  It was breathtaking to ride through.    

The temperature swings were crazy.  It would go from 95 degrees to 55 in about a quarter mile.  The thin air also made our bikes run like soggy bread.  Passing cars became a matter of life and death sometimes, but I guess it always is.  Brandon tried to lay down the hammer and whip around a car, but due to the amazingly low oxygen content his bake denied the request.  So Brandon gave the car next to him the look of: "If you move I die".  He split the oncoming car in the middle and slowly putted past to safety.   

We stopped in a few places to ponder existence.  Duane is particularly good at pondering.  I think he is wondering how hot it will be in the desert.   

So my bike only being a 500cc made it incredibly easy to put slung around the road by the winds.  It was my first cross country trip and really my first long trip on a motorcycle.  The winds and sand were pretty miserable.  Not to mention the heat.   

Here's the choppers.  We tried to do it all professional like with the line up.  

The Grand Canyon was a sight.  However the wonderful state park service charged us $12 to look at it.  I know they need funding to keep it up, but a mandatory charge seems a little scary.  

Here's these observation deck and a little part of the canyon.  

Duane pondering again.

My feet.

The drop.

Note the wicked hairstyle.  You only get that look from bathing in the river and using the bug guts in your hair to give it that extra volume. 

Forever Young.